Chinese Herbs


What are Chinese Herbs?

Chinese Herbs are the use of botanical medicinal properties to suppor t the treatment of your condition. Most of the herbs are plant based such as leaves, barks, roots, seeds, flowers, etc. Also shells, resins, minerals, gelatins, and animal parts are commonly used.

Although a single substance can be used but most of the time combining 2-14 different herbs in a formula to tailored specifically to each person’s individual health condition.

How Will I Take My Herbs?

chinese herbs2Chinese herbal therapy comes in several different forms. Some herbal prescriptions use raw herbs that have to be boiled into a tea to drink. Powdered herbs are dissolved into hot water to also drink as a tea. A tincture is a liquid formula where herbs have been decocted into an alcohol in order to achieve quicker results. Pills, tablets and topical forms are also common.

Will herbs interfere with medications?

In most cases, the answer is no. The herbs work by influencing systems as a whole, not by targeting an organ through a specific mechanism of action, the way pharmaceuticals do. Additionally, most herb prescriptions consist of four to twelve herbs, making it unlikely that any one herb has the potential to interfere with medication. However, please do not adjust your medication without checking with your physician, even if you feel the herbs help your condition. We will be happy to explain your treatment to your doctor, if needed. Your practioner will review the current list of medications and supplements you are taking to make sure the herbs are safe for you to take.